Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Detroit Plans to Avoid Closing Schools

Previously in Detroit, Michigan, state education officials ordered the financial manager for Detroit public schools to close 41 schools to save money and reduce the city's deficit by $327 million. Now a new plan has been made to keep more schools from closing by getting local and national groups and charter operators to run its schools.

Detroit is in very much debt and I think finding better ways to stop the schools from closing. Some people may have been upset to find out that over 40 schools are closing but now officials are finding ways to keep schools open by finding others ways of funding so students have a better chance of getting an education. There is going to be a lot of work and changes that will be going on in Detroit for the next few years and schools and education should be one of its priorities to get the state out of debt.


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  1. I have family that lives in Detroit and to hear them talk about how bad things are up there is awful. The poverty is terrible and the economy is not looking much better. Stories like this though are ones that can give this great city hope and makes people want to restore the city to what it once was.