Tuesday, April 26, 2011

YouTube Getting Hollywood Studios to Offer Movie Rentals

For 2 years, YouTube and Google has been trying to get big Hollywood studios to offer movie rentals for their new released movies. Sony, Universal Pictures and Warner Brothers has agreed to the deal, The prices are set to close to the prices of iTunes.

Some studios are already renting movies to YouTube such as Lionsgate, Weinstein Company and independent filmmakers with prices at $2 and $4. Getting deals with these major studios it gives YouTube a bigger advantage on its competition. YouTube gets billions of views each day but movies don't get the same impact.

I don't know if it will be successful because people would rather watch videos on YouTube for free rather than $2-$4, it cost's $1 at Redbox machines and if the prices are like iTunes prices then maybe YouTube will have a chance but personally I would rather get movies the regular way.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Google Lets Users Edit U.S. Map

Google Map maker is a version of Google Maps that was created almost three years ago and is now ready to let its users edit and add to the U.S. map. The Map Maker has been used in 183 countries and regions around the world. When a person adds to the map Google's moderators will approve the edits and they become published to Google Maps.

Users can add roads, bike paths and even pools to their towns and cities. The reason for Map Maker's three-year wait is because Google chose to make it available to other parts of the world that needed more detailed maps.

I think it's a good creation for people who may need directions to certain places where some maps and GPS systems may not be able to give, but one thing they didn't mention is can someone put their address on Map Maker and someone can actually find out where someone lives. The world is a crazy place and people will do anything to stalk, hurt or kill someone. So, the Map Maker is very resourceful for people, as long as it's for good reason.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Illinois Senator Wants Internet Sales Tax

Dick Durbin, Democratic Senator of Illinois, plans a proposal so that Internet shopping is no longer tax free. There are many states that require online taxing but if a shopper buys from out-of-state they may not have to pay a sales tax which Durbin thinks is unfair and that online retailers out-of-state have a big advantage over local stores. The bill will called, The Main Street Fairness Act, which has been in talks with many politicians across the country last year and most the people who are for the bill are Republican Senators.

Certain states don't have taxes for things and I never realized; In New Jersey, bottled water and cookies are exempt from taxes but bottled soda and candy is. Things can be taxed and other things cannot, I believe in the bill because I think it is unfair to local stores who may lose customers and money because of taxes when the customer can go online and buy products without having to pay a tax. As for me being on the other said as a consumer, I don't think it will benefit me, I could save more money buying online. In all, every place has sales taxes, so why won't the Internet? Everything should be fair..


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Radiation From Cellphones May Alter Your Brain

We've all heard about using a cellphone too much or too long can affect your brain but is it really true? Well, In a study published in The Journal of The American Medical Association says so. It says that it is unclear whether there are changes in the brain with an increase in glucose metabolism after using the phone for less than an hour had any negative health or behavioral effects.

Doctors advise cell phone users to use speaker and headsets as much as possible and go to quieter rooms when making calls. With all the recent studies of negative use of cellphones, there is no proof that cellphones are causing any harm. I think researchers and many people find that people are using cellphones entirely too much and think that these devices has some negative health affect but cellphones may not cause any health problems at all.

Cellphones may have glitches just as much as other technology, it's just like with Television saying that "it makes you dumber". Everything has negative sides but does the negativity really affect your health?


Photo From business-ethics.com

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Google's Plan to Digitize Books is Rejected

Google's plan was to digitize every book that has been published and make them available on the internet and a Judge rejected the $125 million decision. The Judge Denny Chin said the plan would make Google be "de facto monopoly" and receiving profits from books without permission from copyright owners would cause a problem. Some authors and publishers agreed with Google's plan because it would give their books a chance to be in the digital world. Overall it could hurt some and Google could the benefits from it all.

I understand Google's idea to put all of its books in the web to benefit the millions of people who need those books for many reasons, but I do agree with the judge that it could cause a lot of problems with publishers and authors who may not know that Google is using their books. I think Google should just leave it alone and people can get access to books the normal way.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Detroit Plans to Avoid Closing Schools

Previously in Detroit, Michigan, state education officials ordered the financial manager for Detroit public schools to close 41 schools to save money and reduce the city's deficit by $327 million. Now a new plan has been made to keep more schools from closing by getting local and national groups and charter operators to run its schools.

Detroit is in very much debt and I think finding better ways to stop the schools from closing. Some people may have been upset to find out that over 40 schools are closing but now officials are finding ways to keep schools open by finding others ways of funding so students have a better chance of getting an education. There is going to be a lot of work and changes that will be going on in Detroit for the next few years and schools and education should be one of its priorities to get the state out of debt.