Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Google's Plan to Digitize Books is Rejected

Google's plan was to digitize every book that has been published and make them available on the internet and a Judge rejected the $125 million decision. The Judge Denny Chin said the plan would make Google be "de facto monopoly" and receiving profits from books without permission from copyright owners would cause a problem. Some authors and publishers agreed with Google's plan because it would give their books a chance to be in the digital world. Overall it could hurt some and Google could the benefits from it all.

I understand Google's idea to put all of its books in the web to benefit the millions of people who need those books for many reasons, but I do agree with the judge that it could cause a lot of problems with publishers and authors who may not know that Google is using their books. I think Google should just leave it alone and people can get access to books the normal way.



  1. I also can see this causing a problem where the authors are not knowing who is using their books or materials. Sure it would be a good idea to have your books in a digital format if you were an author. But I am just not sure if I would trust people on the internet if I were an actual author.

  2. Yes, I agree with the last comment, though it is very good to have your book in the digital format, it may increase the number of selling, for some people like read book in digital way, however, it also brings problem.