Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Radiation From Cellphones May Alter Your Brain

We've all heard about using a cellphone too much or too long can affect your brain but is it really true? Well, In a study published in The Journal of The American Medical Association says so. It says that it is unclear whether there are changes in the brain with an increase in glucose metabolism after using the phone for less than an hour had any negative health or behavioral effects.

Doctors advise cell phone users to use speaker and headsets as much as possible and go to quieter rooms when making calls. With all the recent studies of negative use of cellphones, there is no proof that cellphones are causing any harm. I think researchers and many people find that people are using cellphones entirely too much and think that these devices has some negative health affect but cellphones may not cause any health problems at all.

Cellphones may have glitches just as much as other technology, it's just like with Television saying that "it makes you dumber". Everything has negative sides but does the negativity really affect your health?


Photo From business-ethics.com


  1. I know the radiation from cellphone. the radiation is always bad for our health. but the reality is that we cannot live with cellphone right now. because we live in a digital and information age. every thing has good and bad sides. what we can do is to minimize the radiation to a lower extent.

  2. Everything I have read lately about cell-phones is discussing that they are bad for our health. It makes me nervous to think about something that seems to help us so much can have long term bad effects on out body.