Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Google Lets Users Edit U.S. Map

Google Map maker is a version of Google Maps that was created almost three years ago and is now ready to let its users edit and add to the U.S. map. The Map Maker has been used in 183 countries and regions around the world. When a person adds to the map Google's moderators will approve the edits and they become published to Google Maps.

Users can add roads, bike paths and even pools to their towns and cities. The reason for Map Maker's three-year wait is because Google chose to make it available to other parts of the world that needed more detailed maps.

I think it's a good creation for people who may need directions to certain places where some maps and GPS systems may not be able to give, but one thing they didn't mention is can someone put their address on Map Maker and someone can actually find out where someone lives. The world is a crazy place and people will do anything to stalk, hurt or kill someone. So, the Map Maker is very resourceful for people, as long as it's for good reason.



  1. Yes, I agree with you, I think the purpose of map is to direct people to the way they want to go, thanks to the GPS, it makes way easy, if people add some detailed road information and make sure it is correct, that is a good resource.

  2. It is a neat way for people to add places that aren't on a GPS. I know GPs doesn't recognize the road I grew up on so it would be neat for people to finally be able to find where I grew up on a map...lol! But it could get creepy, like you said there are some crazy people out there.