Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Illinois Senator Wants Internet Sales Tax

Dick Durbin, Democratic Senator of Illinois, plans a proposal so that Internet shopping is no longer tax free. There are many states that require online taxing but if a shopper buys from out-of-state they may not have to pay a sales tax which Durbin thinks is unfair and that online retailers out-of-state have a big advantage over local stores. The bill will called, The Main Street Fairness Act, which has been in talks with many politicians across the country last year and most the people who are for the bill are Republican Senators.

Certain states don't have taxes for things and I never realized; In New Jersey, bottled water and cookies are exempt from taxes but bottled soda and candy is. Things can be taxed and other things cannot, I believe in the bill because I think it is unfair to local stores who may lose customers and money because of taxes when the customer can go online and buy products without having to pay a tax. As for me being on the other said as a consumer, I don't think it will benefit me, I could save more money buying online. In all, every place has sales taxes, so why won't the Internet? Everything should be fair..


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  1. I never recognize that online shopping with taxing free, some of websites have this policy, but most of online stores are not, I like online shopping, it is very easy to do, especially for me, but it is a bad news for me to cancel the taxing free.