Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cuban Singer Asks Google and Obama to Give Free Internet

A Cuban folk singer, Silvio Rodriguez, asked President Obama and Google CEO Eric Schmidt to give free internet to developing countries. Rodriguez posted on his blog, "It's a simple proposal: the world is very unequal, and a lot of pain could be avoided with action that could turn into a worldwide qualitative step forward,".

Authorities say that Internet will be for limited use for social purposes and priority would be given to limited users in universities and educational institutions. Many people believe the limitations is for government and authority to maintain control on information and expression.

I believe that all countries should have access to internet because it can be very helpful in learning new and different things, but I don't how helpful it can be when some developing countries don't have the same freedoms as Americans and if some countries can't enjoy the freedoms that us Americans have that we take for granted everyday; then the last thing that developing countries should get is internet. Developing countries should try and receive other types of resources in order to live, learn, and strive.



  1. Candace this is a great post. The Authorities are looking in the right direction when they say that "Internet will be for limited use for social purposes and priority would be given to limited users in universities and educational institutions". I think that shows that these countries believe in their students and what them to do well!

  2. Creative! I haven't really heard anything about this! :) The internet was created in the beginning as more of a resource tool but has now become a social use, but I'm glad that they are realizing that it has more uses than one and they are wanting to use it for the right reasons!
    God Bless,

  3. I agree everybody needs internet service. This is a great story and well written. I agree with Lauren I haven't heard anything about this and I'm glad you posted it.

  4. I do feel as though other countries could strive for more important resources other than internet. I mean don't get me wrong, there are other resources that are essential to living such as running water, food, shelter, taking care of those under privilage kids, and the poverty rate. But on other hand with the internet being a worldwide thing, different sources could be used in order to reach these other essential elements.