Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wristwatch Finds New Way to Stay in Use

It is very rare today to see people under the age of 25 to wear wristwatches because people have news ways to figure out the time: Cell phones and laptops. I must admit that I haven't worn a watch since I was in Elementary school and even then I barely wore one. Now i just use my cell phone to look at the time because it's easier and if I have a phone that gives the time. I know I bring my phone everywhere I go, so why have two clocks?

Today since many people no longer find use for wristwatches, many companies are making watches just like cell phones and computers. One new wristwatch called the TickTock is made from a Apple iPod Nano and another watch called AllertaPlus, which is currently being tested is said to be just like a computer and expected to cost $150.

Eric Migicovsky said, "he hopes people will use the devices as an extension to their mobile phones where the watch can offer a third screen of information without someone having to fumble for their phone in their pocket or purse."



  1. I think this is a waste of technology to be honest. Do they think that people will really use this new invention? I dont really wear watches neither, unless it is for a special occassion to look nice. But, who knows this might be a new blockbuster invention to bring the watch back.

  2. This is a little ridiculous. I rarely ever wear a watch because I always have my cell phone and iPod touch with me. If I need the time I just check one of those. I think that watches are becoming more about making a fashion statement than for checking the time.

  3. That's strange. I love wristwatches!

  4. That is not a good invention for people, because people became seldom to wear a watch, they use their cell phone or any other devices to check time. Watch become a decoration or for some special occasions. The foundation of a watch is to see the time. This is a useless technology, for my view.