Saturday, February 5, 2011

Social Media is Overwhelming

Social media is everywhere and people cannot live without it, it's like a child. People use Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube and Skype and many other types and communication every day and it has become overwhelming to keep up with it all. Media users have busy schedules and trying to handle all the information and communication that's been thrown at them, is a task all in its own.

Media companies and providers realize how much people are using technology and how often and they wonder how people may be able to handle it all.
There are new ways and new applications to try to make it all easier; Social media has become normal to life when you eat and sleep you have to tweet, utilize Facebook and etc.

People will continue to use social media and there will be more and new types of social media that will be created in the future and users will continue to take them all on, along with their already existing media. Organization is need throughout life so, of course there will be some sort of organization in media.


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