Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Egypt, Health Care, Republican Candidates

On Slate's Political Gabfest, John Dickerson, David Plotz, and Emily Bazelon discuss whats going on in the world. In a discussion about the situation in Egypt, they discuss how Egypt's leader Mubarak show's no sign of stepping down from being the leader of Egypt, the health care bill being declared unconstitutional and U.S. ambassador to China Jon Huntsman resigning and becoming a potential 2012 Republican candidate.

The discussion about Egypt they talk about Mubarak and how he is showing no signs of stepping down as leader of Egypt and that he has assigned new people to his cabinet instead. They also discussed how Mubarak has hired "thugs" to attack protesters and cause more violence but it is said that it is not true and Mubarak isn't involved. Mubarak seems as if he has lost total control over the situation and yet has not found a solution to this problem, like they say " Give the people what they want!"

The big story in America is about the Health care bill and that judges have declared the bill unconstitutional to force Americans to purchase health care. But two democratic judges have declared that there is nothing wrong with the bill and two Republican judges have declared it unconstitutional. It is very obvious that Republicans are not for the health care bill and it shows, How can two parties decide on something that they don't agree on in the first place? Also, how can two decide its unconstitutional and two others decide it isn't? There is a lot that needs to be figured out before something as big as Health care is thrown into the trash.

The discussion of the 2012 Republican candidates is a big topic with Sarah Palin and others that are potential candidates. One is Jon Hutchman, the former U.S. ambassador to China, has chosen to resign and the rumor is he is considering running for Presidency. Some say, "is he just tired of China or is he running for President?" What makes someone. a U.S. ambassador one day and decides to resign all of a sudden? The 2012 election is real important and serious, we'll just have to wait and see...



  1. The Egypt issue is always the top news in all the news station in recent days. I heard of the president of Egypt has resigned and moved out of president palace. I post this news in my blog about that. you can visit my blog if you like. But my report not in the field of Health care. Your post is more specific and very professional than mine. I just report this things on my blog. Next time I will add more stuff in.

  2. hey candace! i definatly agree that mubarak should step down. i think your blog was very informative and interesting. and personally i think everyone world wide should have free health care. think of all the lives that could be saved

  3. This was a good post Candace! I agree with your statement that you feel Mubarak should step down. Your blog did a very good job of covering a wide variety of topics. I am also interested to see as to who the Republicans will choose as there party candidate come 2012.

  4. I like that you combined three topics that are so different but go well together. GREAT!The health care bill being declared unconstitutional we talked about this in my Communication Law class. I was shocked about the outcome.U.S. ambassador to China Jon Huntsman resigning and becoming a potential 2012 Republican candidate. I have not read up on this story but wow, ambassador to president, well Okay then.

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    Elle :)